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Ioan Daily

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Welcome to Ioan Daily!

This is the Live Journal Community where you can get your daily fix of pictures of the sextastic and steaming actor Ioan Gruffudd.

Like all the other _daily communities this one is pictures-only as well. So feel free to join, post, and oogle pictures of Ioan whenever you like.

We have some simple rules to ensure some semblance of order:

1) Every Post Must Have a Picture. This is a pictures only community. It's not here for you to post about Ioan's upcoming movies and such. Therefore each post must have a picture in it, that's why this is a pictures-only community.

2) No Hot-Linking/Direct linking. Please don't link directly from any site except your own. That also means no linking to pictures in the ioan_daily community as well. That is called stealing bandwith. It's not a nice thing to do, it costs site owners lots of money. So just don't do it.

3) Cut Pictures & Posts. For the benefit of everyone else in the community if your pic is more than 600 pixels wide please crop and/or re-size it. If you want to post more than one picture don't forget to put any after the first picture behind a LJ-cut.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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